10 Differences Between ‘Secular’ and ‘Biblical’ Churches

10 Differences Between ‘Secular’ and ‘Biblical’ Churches

9:00AM EDT 7/31/2015 Joseph Mattera

Church (Flickr/Creative Commons)

Many pastors are reading books on leadership and marketing written by corporate leaders or folks speaking from an American corporate ethos. Oftentimes the biblical ethos in regards to the local church model is missed. The following 10 points show the difference between the two models:

1. The corporate model views others of their business ilk as their competition; the church model should be one of identifying ways to network and partner with churches in the community.

2. The corporate model hires outsiders for the best possible laborers; the church should primarily grow their workers from within.

3. The corporate model attempts to maneuver and place businesses in the best possible location to squash the competition and monopolize the market; the church model is one of empowering other churches so that a community or city can experience the saving reality of Christ.

4. The corporate model often majors on marketing; the church model should be focusing on substance and content.

5. The corporate model focuses on numbers; the church model on discipleship.