September 27, 2015 by Joel Edwards

Although it is true that the majority of doctors support vaccines, most of them don’t even know what vaccines contain or their dangers. Their training ends with knowing how to administer them. They are taught vaccine reactions are rare and they are quick to share the same assurances with their patients. These assurances are not based on objective science but merely on what they were told, what they were taught.

Whether layperson or scientist, high school drop out or M.D., no one can research vaccine manufacturers, vaccine laws, and vaccine injuries and then conclude that vaccines are 100% safe and effective. All you have to do is read the warning insert for any vaccine to learn that truth.

These following doctors rejected half-truths and lies. They did their own research.

Nancy Banks, M.D.
Dr. Banks earned her medical degree at Harvard Medical School. She also earned an MBA in finance from Pace university. She completed her internship and residency at Saint Luke’s Hospital and Mount Sinai Hospital and Medical Center. She is a board certified ObGyn.

If you look at the ingredients of vaccines you’ll find that they have mercury, and they have aluminum and the vaccines are polluted with other kinds of viruses and the vaccines are grown, sometimes on human tissue. So these are vaccines that have elements that are neurotoxic and then of course they have other elements that can set up autoimmune reactions. So those are the kinds of things that we’re seeing in the children; we are seeing autoimmune reactions.

We are seeing an autoimmune reaction against the brain tissue. And so these children, unfortunately even the ones who are not developing the syndrome autism, are developing other syndromes such as ADD and ADHD and of course the secondary problem is the number of allergies that we’re seeing in our young children.

All doctors in Quebec must perform assisted suicide, law says

All doctors in Quebec must perform assisted suicide, law says

by Kelly Ledbetter | 28 September, 2015

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition
QUEBEC CITY, Canada (Christian Examiner) – Doctors in Canada have been told they will be compelled, by law, to practice active euthanasia — even when end-of-life care may be ill-defined — and are being provided kits that can cause a coma and stop a human from breathing in order to comply with the law.

In June, Quebec passed Bill 52, an act respecting end-of-life care, which stipulates, among other things, that doctors will have no choice when it comes to practicing euthanasia.

Alex Schadenberg, director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC), told OneNewsNow: "The government of Quebec, which is planning to impose euthanasia upon its people starting on December 10, has basically told the doctors, ‘You will do it.’"


Geoffrey Grider | September 29, 2015 | 68 Comments


“I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land.” Joel 3:2 (KJV)

Let’s start with what is happening on September 30th, 2015: The world body of the United Nations General Assembly adopted the resolution on raising the flag of Palestine at the United Nations (document A/69/L.76) by a recorded vote of 119 in favour to 8 against (Australia, Canada, Israel, Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Palau, Tuvalu, United States), with 45 abstentions.

At UN Summit, World Rulers Adopt Agenda for Global Socialism

Monday, 28 September 2015
At UN Summit, World Rulers Adopt Agenda for Global Socialism
Written by Alex Newman

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At UN Summit, World Rulers Adopt Agenda for Global Socialism
A far-reaching United Nations plot to re-engineer civilization and impose global socialism on humanity, variously dubbed “Agenda 2030” and the “Sustainable Development Agenda,” was ushered in on Friday with a “thunderous standing ovation,” the UN Department of Public Information reported. Every one of the 193 UN member governments on the planet — from communist and Islamist dictatorships to those ruling what remains of the “Free World” — vowed to help impose the UN’s controversial goals on their subjects. Indeed, according to the UN and the global agreement itself, not a single human being will be allowed to escape what one prominent internationalist ominously referred to as the next “Great Leap Forward.”

Did the United Nations Just Introduce a New World Order?

Did the United Nations Just Introduce a New World Order?
30 SEPTEMBER, 2015

Have you heard of “the global goals”? If you haven’t heard of them by now, rest assured that you will be hearing plenty about them in the days ahead. On September 25th, the United Nations launched a set of 17 ambitious goals that it plans to achieve over the next 15 years. A new website to promote this plan has been established, and you can find it right here. The formal name of this new plan is “the 2030 Agenda“, but those behind it decided that they needed something catchier when promoting these ideas to the general population. The U.N. has stated that these new “global goals” represent a “new universal Agenda” for humanity. Virtually every nation on the planet has willingly signed on to this new agenda, and you are expected to participate whether you like it or not.

Some of the biggest stars in the entire world have been recruited to promote “the global goals”. If you live in New York City, you are probably aware of the “Global Citizen Festival” that was held in Central Park on Saturday where some of the biggest names in the music industry promoted these new “global goals”. The following is how the New York Daily News described the gathering:

PLO Flag to Be Raised at UN Today

PLO Flag to Be Raised at UN Today

Flag hoisting will follow Abbas’s address to General Assembly. Hundreds of world leaders invited to ceremony.

By Gil Ronen
First Publish: 9/30/2015, 10:59 AM

The PLO flag is to be raised for the first time at the United Nations later Wednesday, after the UN General Assembly passed a motion earlier this month, to raise the Palestinian and Vatican flags.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas will preside over the 15-minute ceremony in the UN’s rose garden, to begin at 1:00 PM local time, shortly after Abbas addresses the General Assembly.

Redacted government emails reveal Fukushima radiation may cause thyroid cancer rates to spike in U.S.


Redacted government emails reveal Fukushima radiation may cause thyroid cancer rates to spike in U.S.

Censored and redacted government emails reveal that U.S. policymakers were worried that radiation from the Fukushima disaster could cause a spike in thyroid cancer rates among Americans. Despite this revelation, the federal government remains silent on the matter, and the mainstream media continues to downplay the severity of the catastrophe.

Since a tsunami laid waste to the three nuclear

Cyber relationship between U.S., China, said to be at ‘breaking point’


Cyber relationship between U.S., China, said to be at ‘breaking point’

( Countries have historically used technology to spy on each other, but the advent of the cyber age is testing government-to-government relationships in a way that goes beyond simple espionage and could lead to disastrous consequences, say experts.

Nowhere is this more evident than … [Read More…]

Amazon takes workplace surveillance to the next level by incentivizing employees to report on each other


Amazon takes workplace surveillance to the next level by incentivizing employees to report on each other

Amazon’s corporate offices encourage white collar employees to use an electronic reporting tool to tell their managers how their colleagues are doing on the job. Unsurprisingly, this practice results in some bad outcomes for workers. (Article republished from

From a fascinating … [Read More…]

The 2020 Agenda and The Coming Satanic Singularity!

The 2020 Agenda and The Coming Satanic Singularity! | Sep 30, 2015 | Comments 0

I highly advise you to watch and read The Matrix Of The Antichrist by CLICKING HERE. I wrote an article about the coming Satanic Internet before FaceLikeTheSun released this video. A Global system is coming that is going to change the world and mankind. As crazy as that sounds, this beastly system will ensnare the the whole planet. After reading the Matrix of the Antichrist and the 2020 Agenda, tell yourself just how unbelievable this really is. Wake up because we are living in interesting and prophetic times.

FACELIKETHESUN: As part of the 2030 AGENDA for global sustainability, the internet and tech gurus got involved with their 2020 agenda to get internet to every person on the planet. Mark Zuckerberg, Bill and Melinda Gates, Charlize Theron, Richard Branson, Mo Ibrahim, and Bono are just a few of the names who have signed this declaration. And while bringing the internet will probably mean improved lives for many of the poor nations of today, ultimately it is laying the groundworks, for the mark of the beast, and image of the beast as written in Revelation 13.



Isaiah 17:1 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

INFOWARS.COM: Israeli Likud Minister Yuval Steinitz will tell the United States, Russia and other world powers Israel will not tolerate Iranian forces near its border, the Jerusalem Times reported on Tuesday.

Steinitz made the remark as Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, flew to New York to address the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday.

“In all of our discussions, first and foremost with the United States, but also with Russia and the rest of the world powers, we must make sure that the Iranian forces will stay in Iran,” Steinitz told Israel’s Army Radio.

“Nobody wants to see Russian forces in the area of the Golan Heights, but we definitely don’t want to see Iranian forces near Israel,” he added.

Is Judgement Coming In The Form Of A Great Financial Crisis?

Is Judgement Coming In The Form Of A Great Financial Crisis? | Sep 30, 2015 | Comments 0

Is America and the world headed for judgement real soon? The Blood Moons and The Shemitah have come and gone with no real earth shattering event. Were we waiting for some catastrophic event to happen on a certain day? What if what we taught was going to happen has subtly begin to manifest? There are signs that the Economy is acting in ways that is leading it to an Economic Collapse, that will affect the whole world. The question is, when will it hit. Watch these two videos from the Jim Bakker show that talks about the coming Economic Collapse and how is will be used on an unprepared world and America!

– financial is only one of the many ways judgment comes

Bibi: Syria Will Not Be Used as Iranian Base to Attack Israel

Bibi: Syria Will Not Be Used as Iranian Base to Attack Israel

(Photo: facebook/IsraeliPM)

(Photo: facebook/IsraeliPM)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be addressing the United Nations tomorrow. Israel Hayom reports that Netanyahu geared up for his speech by saying that Syria will not be used by Iran as a base from which to launch attacks against the Jewish state:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu clarified on Tuesday after landing in New York ahead of his address to the U.N. that he will not allow Syria to be used as a base for Iranian attacks on Israel.

Netanyahu’s stance echoed the sentiments of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Minister Yuval Steinitz who said on Tuesday that keeping Iranian forces inside Iran would be a top priority in all talks with the U.S. and other world powers.

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Wednesday, September 30th, 2015 at 8:19 AM | Stand For Israel

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The New Axis of Evil

The New Axis of Evil



This week, Russia has begun airstrikes in Syria, its major goal being to support the Assad regime. With these latest developments in the chaotic region, Commentary’s Max Boot writes that Russia, Syria, Iran, and Iraq have now formed a new axis of evil:

On Sunday, the administration was taken by surprise for the umpteenth time when Russia, Iraq, Iran, and Syria announced an agreement, ostensibly to share intelligence about ISIS. This is part of a widening role for Russia in the region, Moscow having already established a new airbase to go along with its existing naval base in Syria. It is also a sign that Iraq is getting pulled further into the Russia-Syria-Iran axis — a new Axis of Evil — that is far more determined to keep Bashar Assad’s murderous regime in power than it is to fight ISIS. It is telling that Russia has started drone surveillance flights in Syria over areas controlled not by ISIS but by other rebel groups. In fact the more this Axis keeps Assad in place, the stronger that ISIS gets because ISIS feeds off the understandable resentment that ordinary Sunnis feel towards a regime that has been responsible for the vast majority of the killing in a conflict that has claimed over 225,000 lives…

Thus when the U.S. has protested to Iraq not to allow its airspace to be used for Iranian flights to resupply Assad — or more recently for Russian flights to create a new Russian military base in Syria — the government of Iraq has ignored American protestations. The Iraqis are happy to accept U.S. F-16s and other weapons and money, but they willfully snub Washington on its most basic demands and they know they will pay no price for doing so. After all, if President Obama could not even act against Assad for violating a “red line” on chemical weapons or against Iran for building a nuclear weapons program, what is he going to do against the Iraqi government for being…

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Wednesday, September 30th, 2015 at 8:35 AM | Stand For Israel

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IT BEGINS: Russia Has Begun Air Strikes In Syria To Defend Assad Regime

IT BEGINS: Russia Has Begun Air Strikes In Syria To Defend Assad Regime

Geoffrey Grider

| September 30, 2015


Russia has begun carrying out air strikes in Syria against opponents of President Bashar al-Assad.

“And I will turn thee back, and put hooks into thy jaws, and I will bring thee forth, and all thine army, horses and horsemen, all of them clothed with all sorts of armour, even a great company with bucklers and shields, all of them handling swords:” Ezekiel 38:4 (KJV)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Less than 24 hours after the Russian leader appeared to speak at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City, Vladimir Putin has ordered massive air strikes to begin in Syria. Interesting note, reports are coming in that Russia is not really attacking ISIS so much as they are the multiple enemies of the Assad regime. Is Putin defending Syria, or is he laying the groundwork to advance on Israel? Buckle up, kiddies, things are about to get crazy.

The strikes reportedly hit rebel-controlled areas of Homs and Hama provinces, causing casualties. The US says it was informed an hour before they took place. Russian defence officials say aircraft targeted the Islamic State group, but an unnamed US official told Reuters that so far they did not appear to be targeting IS-held territory.

Syria’s civil war has raged for four years, with an array of armed groups fighting to overthrow the government. The US and its allies have insisted that President Assad should leave office, while Russia has backed its ally remaining in power.

– note the Psalm 83 war comes before the maygog war

Politician Says Homeless People Should Be Put Down By Lethal Injection

Politician Says Homeless People Should Be Put Down By Lethal Injection

Dave Hodges September 29, 2015

Yahoo News is reporting that a “Mexican councillor has provoked outrage after that homeless people should be put down like animals to keep the number of them on the streets down. Olga Gutierrez Machorro believes that beggars should be culled with

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Will Christians Survive the False Prophet, the UN, Common Core and Chrislam?

Will Christians Survive the False Prophet, the UN, Common Core and Chrislam?

Dave Hodges September 30, 2015

Even if I were to overlook the obvious hypocrisy of the Pope in his repeated messages which were very thinly veiled propaganda for globalist initiatives, there are some very disturbing things about this particular Pope that I cannot come to

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Report: Germans Could Have Their Kids Snatched For Anti-Migrant Facebook Posts

Report: Germans Could Have Their Kids Snatched For Anti-Migrant Facebook Posts

Paul Joseph Watson
– September 29th, 2015
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Germans who make racist anti-migrant posts could have their children snatched by the state and be fired from their jobs, according to the German Lawyers’ Association.

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Just the Beginning: A “Slow Moving Trainwreck That Seems To Be Accelerating“

Just the Beginning: A “Slow Moving Trainwreck That Seems To Be Accelerating“

Michael Snyder
– September 30th, 2015
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It takes ignorance on an almost unbelievable level to try to claim that “nothing is happening” in the financial world right now.

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Signs of the Times: Nasdaq Composite Spooks Investors After ‘Death Cross’ Forms Pattern of the Apocalyptic ‘Four Horsemen’

The Nasdaq composite spooked investors on Monday after forming a death cross, a trading pattern that shows a decline in short-term momentum and is often a precursor to future losses. A death cross occurs when the short-term moving average of a security or an index pierces below the long-term trend, in this case the 50-day…

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Israel Prepares Ground Invasion of Syria?

Israel Prepares Ground Invasion of Syria?

September 30, 2015 / World Events and the Bible / 0 Comments

WEB Notes: Look at all of the world powers moving in on Syria. Remember just a few years ago many thought world war 3 was about to unfold with the U.S. leading the charge into Syria. Everyone caught onto the lie and that plan failed to move forward. Then the lie called ISIS was created and it looks like everyone is on board this time around. We now have Russia, Iran and Hezbollah in Syria trying to defend it against the West. Or so we are being told. Russia is already controlled by the children of Satan. The official story we are receiving from world powers and the mainstream media cannot be true. It would be impossible for ISIS to be real and be able to battle the most awesome military force the world has ever seen, that being the US. Moreover, ISIS would not be able to stand against the US and all of the other powers now taking part in the supposed destruction of ISIS. This is all very interesting and one thing is certain, we have many nations converging on Syria right now.

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Scientists Discover Entire Solar System Undergoing “Climate Change”

Scientists Discover Entire Solar System Undergoing “Climate Change” 5

Global Warming • Tags: CLimate-Gate, climategte, global warming

Solar System Changes graphic

Is Climate Change Contagious?

The Millennium Report

Russian Scientist – Dr. Alexy N. Dmitriev – says the solar system is moving into a new energy “zone” that is transforming the magnetic fields of the planets.

Dmitriev’s Russian perspective on earth changes are going unreported in America. The planets are changing – most notably in their atmospheres.

Obama’s Muslim Refugee Resettlement Program is actually UN’s Agenda to Balkanize & Terrorize the West

Obama’s Muslim Refugee Resettlement Program is actually UN’s Agenda to Balkanize & Terrorize the West

immigratiA In case you think that the recent flood of Muslim invaders into the West is purely Barack Hussein Obama’s idea, then perhaps you may need to dig a little deeper and understand that this is all part of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees’ "Transformative Agenda" via the influence of the Socialist International (SI). […]


Thousands of Europeans Take to the Streets to Crusade Against Muslim Invaders

Thousands of Europeans Take to the Streets to Crusade Against Muslim Invaders

1442081695376 Europeans have had it with the way Muslim invaders are being welcomed with open arms into their countries. Just a couple of weeks ago, thousands of anti-Islamic invaders from thousands of protesters marched in a crusade following leaders in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia opposing an European Union decision to dictate quotas. Bare Naked […]