Toward The Mark Of The Beast? It’s Called “DuoSkin”

Toward The Mark Of The Beast? It’s Called “DuoSkin”

From sci-fi to the real world: DuoSkin’s temporary tattoos turn your body into an interface. And, the device has won rave reviews in the tech and fashion worlds. “When my fellow researchers and I created DuoSkin in 2016, the very idea seemed steeped in a fantasy world. But less than a year after we published our research and released our prototypes, our on-skin interface technology has been formally recognized as real. At the 2017 South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Innovation Awards this month, DuoSkin won the “Sci-Fi No Longer” category for the coolest scientific achievement or discovery that previously was considered possible only in science fiction. It was an exciting affirmation of our work, and the award capped several months of public and media interest in DuoSkin.