Critical News Headlines

Critical News Headlines

1. President Trump finally followed Democrat Party leaders’ demands by firing FBI Comey; but, immediately, the same Democrats urging Trump in January to fire Comey reversed position to roundly criticize Trump, calling his action a "Constitutional Crisis".

This sad story illustrates that Democrat tactic of criticizing EVERHYTHING Trump does EVERY time and for EVERY reason.

Increasingly, these political "scorched earth" tactics are wearing very thin with voters.

2. President Trump’s Constitutional ability to fire the FBI Director is a sign that our personal Constitutional guarantees are alive and well.

Did you know that our Founding Fathers’ concept of creating THREE distinctive branches of government, each separate from the others, was based upon Isaiah 33:22?

3. Disturbingly, Mass Media propaganda stories have started to appear, from North Korean "defectors", supposedly giving us insider information.

In the months leading up to the Iraqi invasion, Mass Media constantly reported "insider information" from Iraqi "defectors"!