Brave New World Of Mind-Expanding, Technocratic Possibilities Coming

Brave New World Of Mind-Expanding, Technocratic Possibilities Coming

At Beijing’s 600-year-old Temple of Heaven, facial recognition technology now restricts toilet users from dispensing more than one 60-centimeter (2-foot) section of paper every nine minutes! Most snicker at the notion of unseen TP Police hovering in the shadows when, in fact, China trails Nazi Germany in enforcing technocracy-style neo-authoritarianism, and the European Union is well on its way. Regrettably, few diligently track this emerging scientific dictatorship envisioned by Technocrats, jumpstarted by the Carter-Mondale administration, and thereafter propelled by the Trilateralist-dominated executive branch of our U.S. government. At the end of the day, an international economic order, called Technocracy, otherwise known as Sustainable Development, is destined to exchange our price-based economic system (free enterprise capitalism) for an energy-based alternative…