President Duterte Vows To Destroy ‘Made In USA’ ISIS

President Duterte Vows To Destroy ‘Made In USA’ ISIS

May 24, 2017 Baxter Dmitry News, World 2

President Duterte banned the Rothschilds and warned George Soros to stay away. Now ISIS are invading. Coincidence? Duterte doesn't think so.

President Duterte has cut short his visit to Moscow to urgently return to the Philippines so he can personally “drive ISIS out of the country” and “send every one of these animals straight to hell.”

ISIS took advantage of President Duterte’s Russian trip by launching an operation to conquer the southern Philippines city of Marawi. The Islamic State flag is now flying over local buildings, and checkpoints have gone up throughout the city.

The radical Islamists are killing Christians, burning down schools and hospitals, and trapping citizens from escaping what is fast turning into a hellhole.

Reports indicate that President Duterte is experiencing “cold anger” and is taking the ISIS assault personally. He warned the globalist death cult to stay away from the Philippines just last month. He also vowed to kick the Rothschild banks out of the Philippines and warned George Soros there is a “bounty” on his head.