Critical News Headlines

Critical News Headlines

1. The Holy Spirit is sweeping through Israel and through Christians and Jews all over the world, raising awareness that NOW is the End Time when Messianic expectations are to be fulfilled.

The Christian feels that Jesus is soon to appear in the Heavenlies to shout for His Church to rise.

The Jew feels that the long-awaited Jewish messiah is close to appearing.

Therefore, Jewish religious and political leaders are speaking out about the need to rebuild the Temple. These times are exciting in Israel!

2. Where is the "MAN" in Europe and England?

As Britain struggles to cope with the Manchester bombing, her lady Prime Minister shrugs and says, "Get used to this bombing, we can’t stop it altogether"!

Meanwhile, the West continues bombing Islamic cities into piles of rubble, sending millions of angry Muslims into Western cities, very angry that they lost their homes to the "Infidels"!

3. Even as the Russian/Trump election collusion lie is crumbling, people are starting to remember the Clinton/Russian collusion and the elections President Obama tried to sway!