The British government must stop letting in known Jihadists who come back from war zones in the Middle East afte r they’ve fought for ISIS.Britain is at war. Face reality and start fighting. Send the SAS. Who Dares Win

Send the SAS

By Ray Starmann

Here we go again. On Day Eight of Ramadan, Islamic terrorists, most certainly from ISIS, struck once more in Britain, this time on London Bridge and in a bar down the street in Borough Market.

As of now, six people are dead and over 40 are reported to be wounded. Three terrorists were shot and killed.

Here we go again. At first there was the avoidance to label it as a terrorist act. It was a suspicious incident, a violent incident, a wreck; everything but the reality that it was another terrorist attack; everything, but the reality that these people are out to bring down Western Civilization; everything, but the reality that they want to kill us.

ISIS and other radical Islamist groups are at war with the West, but the governments of Western Europe refuse to accept that very fact. As Allah’s maniacal murderers launch attacks in Nice, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Istanbul, Normandy, Manchester and now in London, the British government treats it as a police action.