Trump Prepares to Reverse Obama’s Capitulations to Castro

Trump Prepares to Reverse Obama’s Capitulations to Castro

Prepare for a chorus of leftist sobbing and wailing.

June 7, 2017
Humberto Fontova
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Prepare for a chorus of wailing from Castro’s (unregistered, hence lawbreaking) U.S. agent/lobbyists about President Trump “turning back the clock!” on Cuba relations.

Brace for an outcry from Castro’s agents-of-influence accusing President Trump of “pandering to powerful Cuban-American right-wingers!”

According to several recent reports President Trump will soon be “rolling back” some of Obama’s most pathetic, egregious (and probably illegal) capitulations to the Castro-Family- Crime- and-Terror-Sponsoring Syndicate (habitually mislabeled as “Cuba” by that family’s U.S.- based agents-of-influence.)

From folks in-the-know, your humble servant has learned that the “rollback” will be mostly in tightening the travel rules which have become a pathetic joke under Obama and are pumping money into Castro regime coffers at a rate that rivals what the Soviets used to send their Caribbean satrapy.

Along with the travel-tightening, the law which prohibits U.S. investors from investing with Cuban businesses owned outright by Castro’s military will also be enforced. Considering that virtually ALL businesses in the Castro fiefdom have a majority ownership by the Cuban military it will be interesting to see how this plays out.