US-Led Coalition Strikes Pro-Government Forces In Syria

US-Led Coalition Strikes Pro-Government Forces In Syria

June 8, 2017 Carol Adl News, World 1

The US-led coalition struck Syrian pro-government forces, which the US say includes Iranian-backed Shia militias, on Thursday near its training base at At Tanf.

They also shot down an armed drone outside its deconfliction zone.

A coalition spokesman told reporters that US aircraft shot down a drone that fired on coalition forces patrolling with partner forces in southern Syria.

A previous airstrike close to At Tanf on Tuesday has already been condemned by Damascus and Moscow.

RT reports:

“U.S. conducted strikes against two technical vehicles that we were assessed to be posing a threat to Coalition forces at At-Tanf garrison,” Operation Inherent Resolve spokesman Colonel Ryan Dillon tweeted.