Critical News Headlines

Critical News Headlines

1. Liberal Democrat Bernie Sanders, Senator From Vermont, Blatantly Violated Our Constitution When He Announced He Would Not Vote For A Christian For the OMB Position!

Bernie Sanders is a Socialist/Marxist and, therefore, he serves the known god of Marxism, which is Baphomet!

Listen to how Karl Marx felt about Western Civilization based on Christianity.

2. Israeli Orthodox Rabbi — and Minister of the Knesset — speaks boldly about prophecy being fulfilled in current events today.

"If You Don’t See Prophecy Today, Get New Glasses"

Sounds like a Cutting Edge subscriber!

3. "In the Days of Lot"

A Trans-man is expecting his/her first child

4. The economy is a "good news story" for President Trump.

Long after voters forget about the meaningless Congressional hearings on Russia and miscellaneous nonsense, they will notice the additional monies they have in their wallet and the new jobs created in America.

Traditionally, American voters vote their pocketbook.

Remember, also, the new Democrat Party Chairman "invited" Democrat voters who are Pro-Life to leave the Party! Can the Democrats lose 12 million voters and still win?