The Amorites… Residual Rephaim DNA… And The Great Inception

The Amorites… Residual Rephaim DNA… And The Great Inception

The Great Inception: Satan’s Psyops from Eden to Armageddon, might be better named, The Mountains of the Bible: Where Yahweh Kicks the Stuffin’ Out of Little Gods. Yep, that alternate title is about right – although I could have used some different nouns about what got kicked. Nevertheless, Derek organizes his material around some of the most famous mountaintops in Scripture like Sinai, Carmel, Zaphon, and Zion. However, chapter by chapter, Derek walks us through a mountain of material on the gods (little “g” gods), that ancient peoples worshiped, as the backdrop to relate little-known facts that amplify what the Bible teaches. Along the way, much of what we were taught about the bible’s heroes (like Abraham, Moses, Joshua, and Elijah to name a few) falls victim to better scholarship put forth in the last decade or two by Middle Eastern and Semitic language scholars, like Dr. Michael Heiser, who Derek has hung out with a lot during the past six months or so.