‘We’re Witnessing A Cataclysm In Progress’ – ‘Signs Of The Times’ Include Explosion Of ‘Mass Animal Death Events’

June 13, 2017

‘We’re Witnessing A Cataclysm In Progress’ – ‘Signs Of The Times’ Include Explosion Of ‘Mass Animal Death Events’

– More Animal Attacks Upon Humans As Well – Just A Coincidence?

By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die


In the story over at the Big Wobble recently emailed to ANP by one of our readers they reported the 2nd week of June has seen more mass die offs of fish, birds and animals around the planet with 16 new ‘mass death events’ in the first 12 days of June alone according to the End Times Prophecy Blog. Just the lastest ‘mass animal death events’ that now number in the ‘thousands of events’ since 2011, in the first video below, Evangelist Joey Bellmore warns us why these ‘mass animal death events’ could be something straight out of Biblical End Times Prophecy.

From China to Brazil to Italy to South Korea to Mexico to Zimbabwe to Maine and Massachussetts, we see that the West coast of the US and the Pacific Ocean aren’t alone as areas now being hit by death in huge numbers and as we’ve previously reported on ANP, the ‘mass animal death events’ continue to be mirrored by bizarre and unexplained ‘animal attack’ events around the world with even more unexplained and bizarre ‘animal attacks upon humans’ within the past few days as we’ve detailed within this ANP story.

As Bellmore tells us, so far there have been 249 known ‘mass animal death events’ in 2017 alone spread across 59 different countries and he looks at these ‘mass death events’ through the viewpoint of Hosea and Zephaniah while warning that what we’re witnessing now could be seen as warnings of events still to come.