Critical News Headlines

Critical News Headlines

1. The Supreme Court handed President Trump his first major victory!

The High Court reinstated most of Trump’s travel ban.

2. Has CNN — Clinton News Network — lost all credibility?

An undercover journalist packing surveillance recorded a top executive of CNN as plainly stating that all Russia/Trump collusion was so fake he described it as "bull***t!

As CNN is revealed to be creating Fake News, what about other Liberal Trump-hating "news" companies? The New York Times, The Washington Post, Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and lesser companies who get their news feeds from CNN?

3. Not only does this stupendous news vindicate President Trump, but it may result in a complete discrediting of these strident opponents.

Some voices are already calling for the resignation of CNN’s CEO, Jeff Zucker.

4. If North Korea can successfully carry out their threat to use an EMP bomb against America, this country would be hopelessly shattered, probably never to come to prominence again.

What does End Time Scripture say? Is America to end this way and at the time prior to the appearance of Antichrist?