Critical News Headlines — End Times

Critical News Headlines — End Times

1. President Trump triggered a firestorm Sunday when he tweeted a mock attack where he body-slammed a person whose head was the CNN logo!

While Liberal Media heavily criticizes the President for the "violence" against Mass Media, Conservatives want to know if this tweet is any more offensive than Liberals calling for Trump’s assassination and/or Kathy Griffin’s decapitated head stunt?

2. On Thursday, June 29, Chris Matthews of MSNBC ‘s "Hardball" called upon President Trump to murder his son-in-law, Jared Kushner!

Might Trump have been motivated in his CNN "take-down" tweet by this blatant attack on the personal safety of his son-in-law?

Liberal Media was very quiet on Hardball’s abomination!

3. The Associated Press (AP) was engulfed in its own CNN-type "Fake News" scandal by creating it own fake news story!

Do you remember the "fake news" story which CBS created during the Bill Clinton presidency?

4. When a former disgruntled doctor at the Lebanon Hospital located in the Bronx, NYC, opened fire and killed several people, I immediately checked to see if the hospital was a "Gun Free Zone".

It certainly was a "Gun Free Zone". The shooter did not have to worry about immediately return fire, allowing him sufficient time to carry out his objectives before armed police could arrive.

5. Arabs are alarmed that Israel is successfully forcing Arabs out of Jerusalem.

They charged that "Jews are Judaizing Jerusalem".

Imagine that! God’s prophecies that He will return ALL of Israel back to the Jew are coming true!