Linda Sarsour, Portrait of a Hater and a Hypocrite

Linda Sarsour, Portrait of a Hater and a Hypocrite

A wolf in progressive clothing.

July 11, 2017
Ari Lieberman
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Linda Sarsour is a dangerous demagogue who craves attention and revels in the spotlight. Ever the self-promoter, Sarsour is a master at manipulating leftist elements within the mainstream media into providing her with a platform to disseminate her odious views. The Washington Post is the latest press outlet to fall victim to her manipulations, allowing her to promote herself on their opinion page. This despite her well documented tribalism and anti-Semitism. She has made appearances on other left-wing media outlets as well where her rabid anti-Semitism has shamefully been left largely unchallenged by craven or ignorant hosts.

The most recent firestorm involving Sarsour centers on a speech she delivered to the Islamic Society of North America at their 54th annual convention. As meticulously documented by the Investigative Project of Terrorism, ISNA is a group that maintains ties with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. The group was also named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the infamous Holy Land Foundation terror financing case. Sarsour felt at home and at ease speaking before this rancid collection of haters.

Sarsour is anything but humble and much of her 22-minute rant centered on her self-proclaimed accomplishments and egomaniacal promotion but there were elements of her screed that took on more ominous and threatening tones. Specifically, she invoked the call to “Jihad” to be waged in the name of “Allah” against the Trump administration, which she claimed was composed of “fascists and white supremacists and Islamophobes.”

Sarsour knew her audience and her provocative calls for Jihad drew instant applause. Naturally, Sarsour denied any violent intent and subsequently claimed that her words were taken “out of context” – racists and xenophobes always claim to be taken out of context once they’re caught.