Critical News Headlines

Critical News Headlines

1. Oh, no, not another false news story based on "anonymous sources", this time accusing Donald Trump, Jr., of treasonous collusion with Russia!

This entire cacophony of false accusations since the November election is creating great angst among Americans, exactly the scenario called for in the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion", written 200 years ago.

You will be amazed at how the old Plan of the Protocols is being carefully carried out today.

2. Fall-out from this article continues to rapidly unfold.

Are we back in the old Communist days where no allegation had to be proven and where allegation equaled conviction?

3. Rabid Pro-Abortion / Pro-Planned Parenthood Senator Elizabeth Warren carried hypocrisy to a new level when she said "We must fight for millions of babies who cannot fight for themselves"!

God’s kingdom is one of order and organization, while Satan’s kingdom is one of disorder and chaos.

Senator Warren epitomizes disorder and chaos!!

4. Independent Prosecutor Mueller is assembling a "hit team" of Democrat, Clinton "hit men" as he prepares to "investigate" Donald Trump’s "collusion" with Russia during the November 2016 campaign.

Since "the best defense is a good offense", I suspect that, once President Trump gets his new FBI Director in place he is going to move rapidly against Hillary Clinton and her entire nest of vipers, to investigate her REAL collusion with Russia when she was Secretary of State!

5. China continued her campaign of pressure against Taiwan by sending her newest aircraft carrier into Taiwanese waters.

We believe it highly likely that a Chinese invasion of Taiwan will occur once the global World War III erupts. Thus, World War III will consist of war in the Middle East centered around Israel, the North Korean nuclear confrontation and a Chinese invasion of Taiwan!

6. Is the Christian Church falling into the Abyss of a Death Spiral?

These statistics are more than just heartbreaking, they are proof that Antichrist is very close to appearing!