4 Unique Characteristics Of The Coming Third Temple

4 Unique Characteristics Of The Coming Third Temple

It Will Be Big—The third Temple will be many times larger than the previous two Temples. For example, the area set aside for the second Temple complex, or what is known as the Temple Mount, was 500 by 500 cubits (each cubit being approximately 18.9 inches). In the third Temple, it will be 3,000 by 3,000 cubits, i.e., it will be 36 times larger, or 9,000,000 square cubits (approx. 22,325,625 square feet or 512.5 acres)! It Will Be Square—The basic division of the Temple into different sections such as the Kodesh (Holy) and the Kodesh HaKedoshim (Holy of Holies) will be the same as the previous Temples. However, the section called the Ezrat Nashim in the second Temple (and “outer courtyard” in Ezekiel’s prophecy) will have a very different layout in the third Temple…