YouTube Censors Video Of US Military Handing ISIS Weapons

YouTube Censors Video Of US Military Handing ISIS Weapons

July 16, 2017 Sean Adl-Tabatabai News, US 0

YouTube deletes video showing US military dropping weapons to ISIS militants

YouTube are aggressively censoring a video that shows the US military airdropping weapons to ISIS militants in Syria.

According to the YouTube team, the video keeps getting repeatedly deleted due to the fact that it violates their Community Guidelines. reports: Alternative geopolitical analyst Mimi Al Laham, who goes by the name “Partisan Girl,” revealed on Twitter that one of her YouTube videos was flagged and removed upon review. “It documented US military airdrops falling into ISIS hands,” She wrote. “Truth is graphic content.”

The notice from YouTube claimed the video was removed because it violated the platform’s Community Guidelines. In addition to the video’s removal, Partisan Girl also received a “strike” or penalty on her account—a YouTube user can receive up to three “strikes.”