Critical News Headlines — End Times

Critical News Headlines — End Times

1. Jews observe "Tisha B’Av" starting Sundown July 31 through Sundown August 1.

Tisha B’Av is the most solemn event on Israel’s calendar every year and it is remarkable how many disasters have befallen the Jews on that date throughout history.

2. On Friday, July 28, North Korea launched a second ICBM test in a month.

Startling propaganda flooded the Internet and News Airwaves:

A. A North Korean nuclear strike on Los Angeles is discussed.

B. "Millions Could Die" read another headline

3. Reactions were startling:

A. President Trump issued a very strong condemnation, followed by a long twitter lapse, leading some to wonder if he was about to announce military operations against North Korea.

B. U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley issued a solemn statement that "time for patience" with North Korea had run out.

C. American B-1 Nuclear-Capable Bombers, escorted by South Korean fighter planes, conducted a bombing fly-over across the Korean Peninsula.

D. American Sec/State Rex Tillerson issued a statement blaming China AND Russia for this impasse with North Korea.

E. China disavowed responsibility for the steady advancement of North Korea’s technical capabilities.

4. Qatar proclaimed that control over Islam’s Holy Sites should be yanked from Saudi Arabia’s control!

This astonishing Global Elite agenda was first published in August, 2006, Pentagon report!

This development further shows how close the world is to the appearance of the Masonic "New David", whom the Bible will call "Antichrist"!

5. A Spiritual Awakening has reportedly been breaking out at America’s White House.

Is this another reason the Left / Liberal / Democrat wing hates Trump so very much?