Europe: The Censored Film They Do Not Want You to See

Europe: The Censored Film They Do Not Want You to See

by Stefan Frank • August 1, 2017 at 4:00 am

  • The way WDR broadcast it, however, was unique: at the beginning of the film and in brief intervals throughout, warning signs were inserted again and again, indirectly urging viewers not to believe what they saw in the film.
  • The film is not about anti-Semitism among neo-Nazis; it is about its acceptance by the mainstream mass media, politicians, left wingers, Muslim "Palestine" activists, rappers and church organizations.
  • "France is the Western country with the highest number of Jews murdered in the 21st century. Fourteen people were killed because they were Jews. All of them were killed by Muslims, not by right-wing extremists. ARTE would never want its viewers to find that out. The filmmakers… exposed the lies and thereby ARTE’s false narrative." — Jean Patrick Grumberg, a journalist at the French-language news website Dreuz.