Critical News Headlines — End Times

Critical News Headlines — End Times

1. Philippine President Duterte publicly ridiculed North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un in a manner that took my breath away, for this term causes an Oriental to "lose much face".

Duterte also publicly aired the major publicized fears which will make this scripted nuclear confrontation so very dangerous.

Has President Duterte just made Manila Kim’s first target?

2. The U.S. Senate is considering a law which would cut off aid to the Palestinian Authority if they continued to pay their "blood money" to Palestinians who commit terror.

Yet, the U.S. State Department defends Palestinian terrorism!

During World War II, Congress was much more sympathetic toward the plight of the beleaguered Jews than the State Department, whose policies on immigration caused many thousands to be returned to Hitler to be slaughtered. Why is State so anti-Israel?

3. Liberal Democrats continue to be very worried that President Trump may fire special counsel Robert Mueller that they are working through Congress to protect Mueller and his investigation.

Meanwhile, Republicans in Congress are moving to create a panel to investigate the REAL traitorous collusion with Russia, i.e., Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Will Mueller’s fake investigative panel be drowned out by the real Clinton-Russia investigation? This scenario might be the only way to defeat this insidious "witch-hunt".