Critical News Headlines — End Times

Critical News Headlines — End Times

Frightening Development – North Korea

1. That Rhetorical "Red Line of No Return" may have just been crossed that makes a nuclear confrontation with North Korea inevitable!

The U.S. Department of Defense has just issued a report which declares that North Korea may be within 6 months of creating a Hydrogen Bomb — not the smaller atomic bomb.

Making the war sooner rather than later.

One hydrogen bomb dropped on a city like New York, could kill 1.7 million!

2. Roman Catholic Pope, Francis I, has rocked his faithful by questioning God’s very existence!

As the Pontiff attempts to broaden the reach of the Catholic Church to include all religions so he can become the False Prophet of Revelation 13:11-18, he is forced to make some declarations which are not logical or make sense.

3. Gun violence is sweeping Baltimore, Maryland, so viscously that a private citizen stepped forward to urge criminals to observe a ‘Nobody kill anybody’ ceasefire!

Maryland is another tightly controlled gun use and possession state, along with Chicago, proving again that the problem is wicked people wielding illegal guns, not the guns themselves.

Gun Control Laws simply disarm an innocent people!