Critical News Headlines

Critical News Headlines

Dynamic New Headline News Article: "Might President Trump Be Forced To Implement Martial Law During The North Korean War?"

1. The past 24 hours have seen some truly ominous "Game Changing" developments in the North Korean nuclear war.

A. Intelligence Analysts suddenly agree: North Korea has already put nuclear warheads on ballistic missiles!

B. U.S. spy satellites have photographed North Korea moving hypersonic "carrier killer" missiles on small speed boats. North Korea is going to try to knock out our carriers!

C. While President Trump lashes out, threatening to rain down "fire and fury" upon North Korea, many Americans are not certain he is up to the task of leading us to victory.

E. Both China and Russia continue to counsel American patience and prudence, thus continuing to potentially place themselves on the North Korean side.

2. Is President Trump winning his battle with the "resist at all cost" Mass Media?

CNN is up for sale, as her viewer ship is reaching new lows.

3. Would you go to see Hillary Clinton as a Methodist preacher?

Hillary in a pulpit would be a sure sign that the Apostasy of the Church is now deep enough that Antichrist can arise!

4. The Republican Party is seriously eroding Democrat control over black voters with the gun issue!

Inner city blacks have awakened to understand that their safety and that of their loved ones, is extremely dependent upon law-abiding individuals carrying guns!