Critical News Headlines — End Times

Critical News Headlines — End Times

1. Superpower China has just threatened to militarily and diplomatically side with North Korea!

Since 1997, we have believed that the only way in which a confrontation between "Mighty Mouse" North Korea and superpower United States is if China and/or Russia sided with the North.

2. North Korea says that an attack plan on Guam and outlying Japanese islands would "be ready" within days.

U.S. air forces are said to be "ready" to launch an air assault within minutes of receiving attack orders from President Trump.

3. Hamas is considering whether to turn their control of the Gaza Strip to their military.

Such a move is necessary to move the Palestinians to the point where they can wage war with Israel.

4. The Department of Justice is reportedly offering Hillary Clinton a "plea deal"!

Slowly but surely, the wheels of Justice are turning to the truth of Hillary and Bill criminally running the Secretary of State office and colluding treasonously with Russia.

Soon, the truth coming from the Hillary investigation will drown out the lies and innuendos from Robert Mueller’s activities!