Sanctuary Cities Betray America, Americans and Immigrants

Sanctuary Cities Betray America, Americans and Immigrants

When facts are stubborn things.

August 11, 2017
Michael Cutler
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Threats to Americans posed by international terrorists and violent transnational gangs have increased in recent years. In addition, recent congressional hearings have highlighted the extreme levels of violence faced by members of America’s ethnic immigrant communities at the hands of gangs, such as MS-13, due to border security and immigration law enforcement failures. Nevertheless, mayors of “Sanctuary Cities” continue to shield illegal aliens — and the foreign criminals and terrorists among them — from detection, with some now filing lawsuits against the Trump administration in response to Attorney General Session’s intentions to cut funding to those cities.

Those mayors want federal funds but blithely refuse to assist the federal government in enforcing immigration laws that are key elements of national security and public safety.

NBC News in Chicago recently reported, Chicago Sues Justice Department Over Efforts to Deny Funding to Sanctuary Cities.

That lawsuit and the statements of Mayor Rahm Emanuel reported on in that article. rise to a level of chutzpah that far and away surpasses the traditional example of chutzpah: the young man who, having been convicted of the murder of his own parents pleads for mercy at sentencing because he’s an orphan.