Canada Becomes First Country To Sell GMO Salmon To The Public

Canada Becomes First Country To Sell GMO Salmon To The Public

August 12, 2017 Sean Adl-Tabatabai News, World 1

Canada becomes first country in the world to sell GMO salmon to the public

Justin Trudeau has given the go-ahead to allow genetically-modified (GMO) salmon to be sold to members of the public – claiming that Canadians are ‘happy’ to be used as human guinea pigs.

Amid concerns by food safety experts over the potentially deadly risks of eating GMO meat, AquaBounty Technologies’ GM salmon boasts that their fish grows twice as large as conventionally-farmed natural salmon and “tastes great.” reports:

“The sale and discussions with potential buyers clearly demonstrate that customers want our fish, and we look forward to increasing our production capacity to meet demand,” Ronald Stotish, chief executive of AquaBounty, said in a statement last Friday.

Despite the company’s positive outlook for buyers, a large backlash has been ignited by several groups and organizations who disagree with the idea of selling GM food.