Two US Teens Die After Getting Meningitis Jab – Media Blackout

Two US Teens Die After Getting Meningitis Jab – Media Blackout

August 31, 2017 Sean Adl-Tabatabai News, US 1

Two US teenage girls die after receiving meningitis jab

Two U.S. schoolgirls died recently as a result of getting the Meningitis B jab, as medical experts agree that the vaccine for is not as safe as the public have been led to believe.

The mothers of two teenagers claim that when their daughters began to display flu-like symptoms after receiving the vaccine, it was the start of a quick spiral that would eventually lead to their deaths. reports: High school senior Kimberly Coffey came home from school one day complaining of body aches and fever. Her health quickly deteriorated, and she eventually ended up on life support after her organs failed. She died and was buried just three days before her high school graduation in the prom dress that she never got to wear. Her mother said she couldn’t believe her diagnosis at first because she had received the vaccine, and now she is trying to make sure everyone knows that the vaccine does not offer the protection many people think it does.