Thousands Baffled By Chinese ‘Cloud Ring’

Thousands Baffled By Chinese ‘Cloud Ring’

Thousands Baffled By Chinese ‘Cloud Ring’This "ring cloud," also known as a "smoke vortex," appeared over a Chinese city last week, grabbing the attention of thousands of people.

November 10, 2017

A cloud formation that looked like a ring in the skies above China recently baffled thousands of onlookers for about 10 minutes before dissipating.

The cloud, which formed over Shaoyang in the Shangrao district of the Jiangxi Province on Nov. 2, was almost perfectly circular in shape. It very quickly took local social media by storm, but government officials have not discussed it.

There is something of an explanation for the cloud, which experts say is a “smoke vortex,” created by either a volcanic eruption or explosion. There are no volcanoes in the area, and an explosion of any kind would have drawn a lot more attention.