Critical News Headlines — End Times

Critical News Headlines — End Times

1. The Arab League will spearhead global Arab recognition of a Palestinian state with eastern Jerusalem as its capital.

Prophecy declares that the leaders of "Idumea" (Edom, Palestinians) will proclaim an empty Kingdom and then be destroyed.

2. President Oprah Winfrey in 2020?

Meryl Streep announces her support!

3. China is installing a test project of total facial recognition that will establish a "Total Surveillance Society"!

This technology will come closer than ever to fulfilling the total surveillance society foretold in the "Mark of the Beast" prophecy!

4. "The New Age Christ cannot appear until and unless people have been pre-conditioned to accept him". (New Age author, quoted by Constance Cumbey, "Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow")

Los Angeles’ Satanists find a lot of community support!

America is now truly supportive of Black Magick Satanism.

How far away is the World War III designed to stage him on the world scene?