Critical News Headlines

Critical News Headlines

1. Why is President Trump attending the Illuminati Davos Economic Summit this year?

Does he not know that DAVOS is fatally opposed to his "America First", "National Sovereignty Always" goals?

The President answers.

2. As world weather demonstrates how false the "Climate Change" propaganda truly is, advocates are making fools of themselves trying to defend the indefensible!

Even Prince Charles was forced to extend his estimated global "Doomsday" time to 35 years, not his original "100 months" in 2009

Scientist Stephen Hawking made a mockery of himself

3. President Trump follows through on his campaign promise to eliminate the "Inheritance Tax", which he called "Death Tax".

Did you know that the Illuminati zeroed in on the "Inheritance Tax" almost 300 years ago as a means by which they could prevent wealth passing down families generation to generation?

4. Liberal Harvard Law Professor, Alan Dershowitz severely criticized Liberals who were psycho-analyzing Trump in the Media!

Even though Liberals are trying to remove Trump via the 25th Amendment, history tells us that they will fail, and fail badly.

5. Since President Trump changed American foreign policy by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital, and by refusing to continue the sham of "Peace Negotiations" with the Palestinians, why is his State Department pressuring Israel not to allow Jews to pray on the Temple Mount?

The answer lies in modern history and may shock you.

6. The Palestinian Authority continues to "Race to the Bottom" of the barrel, even declaring that they are at war with America.

Praise God that Trump has finally "kicked the Palestinian habit"!