Sweden: Not Everyone Can Say #MeToo

Sweden: Not Everyone Can Say #MeToo

by Nima Gholam Ali Pour • January 11, 2018 at 4:30 am

  • Sweden has let in a huge wave of young male migrants, many of whom have created an insecure environment for women; when these women have cried for help and tried to share their stories, the Swedish media and politicians have refused to listen.
  • The Swedish media recently reported that police no longer time to investigate rape cases because of the many murders.
  • The main problem with the "#MeToo Movement" is that instead of relying on the rule of law, people start relying on the rule of social media. The number of "likes" or "retweets" decides whose experiences of sexual assault are recognized. If you have not been harassed or assaulted by a celebrity, nothing happens. If you were sexually assaulted by a nobody, nobody cares.