Critical News Headlines — End Times

Critical News Headlines — End Times

1. Twitter has engineered a method of banning politically incorrect speech without the customer knowing that no one is going to read what he/she is writing!

Our worst fears about Social Media are now coming true.

Does even President Trump know how many people are actually reading his Tweets?

2. Facebook is developing a "Portal Gadget" which will put microphones and cameras into your home.

The total surveillance technology required by the Mark of the Beast prophecy is coming true.

Is it time to watch "Minority Report" movie again?

3. Did President Trump actually call poor countries "s***hole", or is that just Fake News?

We cannot find an actual video showing the President using this language.

4. Liberal / Democrat / Progressive politicians quickly accuse their opponents of creating legislation which will kill people.

Read this list of the times in which this accusation has been made, and weep for the people foolish enough to believe it.