Hungary PM Vows To Fight Globalists Who Want To Eradicate Christianity

Hungary PM Vows To Fight Globalists Who Want To Eradicate Christianity

February 8, 2018 Sean Adl-Tabatabai News, World 2

Hungary PM vows to stop elite globalists from destroying European Christianity

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has vowed to fight the globalists who wish to eradicate Christianity in Europe.

Orbán responded to Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel’s earlier comments in which he suggested European countries should be forced to accept illegal migrants.

“The presidency of Fidesz has discussed yesterday the announcement of the Belgian Prime Minister, that they will – if necessary with force – obligate Central European countries, including Hungary, to accept migrants,” the Hungarian Prime Minister said in a Facebook video on Wednesday. reports: “According to their plan, this will happen in June at the summit of the prime ministers in Brussels.

“Our presidency has taken a stand: we cannot give in to extortion. For us, Hungary is first.