Criminal Clinton Cabal Crumbles – The Real Russian Hoax Exposed As Democrats Ironically Caught Colluding With Russia

February 9, 2018

Criminal Clinton Cabal Crumbles – The Real Russian Hoax Exposed As Democrats Ironically Caught Colluding With Russia

-Deep State, Democrats And Media In Panic Mode


By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

Let me be as blunt as I can be right here and now. I do not care one iota if Russia purchased ads on Facebook during the 2016 election, just as I could give a damn if they had "bot" farms or whatever they are called to push trending hasthags on Twitter. I also do not care a bit if they were behind the DNC leaks, although Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who published those leaks, says Russia wasn’t the source, but even if they were, I don’t care. Neither Wikileaks (nor Russia or whoever leaked them to Wikileaks) altered the content, the leaks were very real emails, sent by the DNC and Clinton campaign, showing they rigged the primaries against Bernie Sanders, then they proceeded to collude with the mainstream media to influence the election in favor of Hillary Clinton. So, whoever leaked the information to Wikileaks, no matter who it was, helped inform the American public of what the MSM didn’t.

Takes some mighty big stones to cry publicly about the American people being told the truth for a change.

Why don’t I care? Two reasons.

Reason One – The U.S. has a long history of meddling in the politics and yes, the elections, in other countries. Historical data shows the U.S. has a "long history of rigging polls, supporting military coups, channeling funds and spreading political propaganda in other countries," and a break down of the data, shows that in 70 percent of those examples, the U.S. was the "meddling" entity.

Dov Levin, an academic from the Institute for Politics and Strategy at Carnegie Mellon University, has calculated the vast scale of election interventions by both the US and Russia. According to his research, there were 117 “partisan electoral interventions” between 1946 and 2000. That’s around one of every nine competitive elections held since Second World War.

The majority of these – almost 70 per cent – were cases of US interference.

And these are not all from the Cold War era; 21 such interventions took place between 1990 and 2000, of which 18 were by the US.