Australian Government To Release Herpes Virus In Water Supply

Australian Government To Release Herpes Virus In Water Supply

February 27, 2018 Sean Adl-Tabatabai News, World 4

Australian government to release herpes virus into waterways by 2019

The Australian government have announced plans to release the herpes virus into its waterways by 2019, despite fierce opposition by the scientific community.

In an effort to fight “invasive fish species”, the herpes virus is expected to wipe out the common carp. However, scientists have warned that the virus may become a major public health risk to humans too. reports: Australia has long been trying to control the population of the common carp, an invasive species that was first introduced in the 1800s and now makes up for 80-90 per cent of the fish biomass in the nation’s largest river system.

This has caused ecological damage as carp are prolific breeders that compete with native fish. They also feed at the bottom of rivers, causing erosion and reducing water quality. The Australian government said it costs the country’s economy up to $500 million a year.