Food Prices Expected To Skyrocket As Planet Earth Awakens

May 9, 2018

Food Prices Expected To Skyrocket As Planet Earth Awakens – Astonishing Number Of ‘Earth Change’ Events Planetwide As ‘Unstoppable Force’ Reclaims What Humans Have Taken


By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

While in the animal kingdom, the honey badger has earned its ‘nothing can stop the honey badger‘ reputation for being absolutely fearless in its unstoppable ferocity, nothing is quite as fierce as ‘lava on the prowl’ as we’ve been witnessing recently coming to us from the ‘Big Island’ of Hawaii after the eruption of the Kilauea volcano May 5th, the day after a 6.9 earthquake shook the entire island.

In this new story over at the Daily Mail we see some incredible images and video footage of the walls and fountains of lava mowing down houses, cars, trees, telephone poles, fences and everything else in its destructive path, reminding us just how little we are in the overall scheme of things in comparison to the monstrous power of our increasingly ‘stirred up’ planet Earth.