Moscow says it won’t supply advanced air defenses to Syria

Moscow says it won’t supply advanced air defenses to Syria

A Russian-made S-300 air defense system on display for the annual Defense Week, marking the 37th anniversary of the 1980s Iran-Iraq war, at Baharestan Square in Tehran, Iran, Sunday, September 24, 2017. (AP Photo/Vahid Salemi)

An aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday that Moscow has no current plans to supply an advanced air defense system to Syria.

Vladimir Kozhin, a member of Putin’s inner circle, told the Russian newspaper Izvestia that there has been no talk of delivering the S-300 system to Damascus.

“So far, there has been no talk of deliveries of modern new systems,” he said, adding that the Assad regime has “all that is needed.”

According to the IDF, its strikes targeted the Russian-made long-range SA-5, also known as the S-200, which is the predecessor of the more advanced S-300 and S-400; the Russian high altitude SA-2, or S-75; the Russian short- to medium-range SA-22, also known as the Pantsir-S1; and the SA-17 medium-range air defense system, also known as the Buk.