CDC Employees Admit To ‘Secret Mission’ In Spreading Deadly Virus

CDC Employees Admit To ‘Secret Mission’ In Spreading Deadly Virus

May 12, 2018 Sean Adl-Tabatabai News, US 1

CDC employee confesses he was tasked with spreading deadly virus in America

Two CDC employees arrested for owning a large weapons cache claim they were on a secret mission to spread a deadly virus in America.

Francho Bradley, 59, and his wife Adrianne Dershunit Jennings, 40, were arrested by Trewsbury Police on 25 March following a police search of their Residence Inn hotel room which yielded a large weapons and equipment cache consisting of long guns, silencers, ammunition, smoke grenades, flash bangs, a rocket launcher, cellular phones and satellite phones – everything required to launch a full-blown black op. reports: The massive weapons and equipment cache was discovered by officers who made entry into room #521 using a cleaning services room key around 4 p.m. after Bradley called 9-1-1 and claimed that his room which he admitted contained a firearm may have been broken into after he noticed his remote camera feed (much like Stephen Paddock’s) cut out while he was out and about. However, what the three officers and a detective found when they forced entry into room #521 was alarming, to say the least.