The History Of JERUSALEM: Israel’s Capital Is An Eternal GOD-GIVEN Possession

The History Of JERUSALEM: Israel’s Capital Is An Eternal GOD-GIVEN Possession

Posted on December 9, 2017 by MichaEL Sawdy in Biblical Teaching, Israel, Specials

December 6th, 2017, was a historic day for the United States of America and God’s chosen nation of Israel. In what I call the greatest day of Donald Trump’s Presidency, the POTUS gave a live address to the nation and to the world in which he officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital City. He then added that he was keeping one of his most important Campaign promises by “directing the US State Department to begin preparations to MOVE THE U.S. EMBASSY from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem”.

The move was met by Holy Bible believing Christians and Jews rejoicing and expressing thanks to the 45th President, but also was harshly criticized and condemned by muslims, atheists, and Biblically-ignorant liberals. At the end of the day, the ONLY opinion that matters is that of Almighty God. His Word makes clear that Trump’s announcement was no doubt pleasing to the LORD of Heaven and earth.