Critical News Headlines

Critical News Headlines

1. China continues to escalate her preparations for war: On Two Fronts, against Taiwan and India.

Remember, a Chinese seizure of Taiwan is part of the scripted "World War III" scenario.

India and China will tangle as China moves her 200,000,000 man army (Kings of the East, Revelation 16:12), but is she going to war with China now?

2. China and President Trump announced that there will be no Trade War, causing markets to skyrocket upward.

The prophesied close cooperation as foretold in Revelation 17:17 is guiding world events.

3. Liberals admit that the shooter at Santa Fe High School would not have been deterred by their own stricter gun controls!

Therefore, they have boldly stated that outright Gun Seizure from all citizens is their real goal!

4. Israel is ominously warning that over 150,000 homes in the north part of Israel are unprotected!

Daniel 12:1 is getting close to being carried out! Israel’s National Angel — Gabriel — is preparing to fight for tiny Israel.