Hamas ditches ‘Naksa Day’ for Iran-backed ‘Quds Day’ this week

Hamas ditches ‘Naksa Day’ for Iran-backed ‘Quds Day’ this week


Iran touts Quds Day as world solidarity with Palestinians amid Hamas picot toward Tehran

Iran’s Press TV is pushing this year’s Quds Day as an annual solidarity event with Palestinians “under Israeli occupation,” as Hamas toned down protests Tuesday in line with Tehran’s agenda. Now Palestinian organizers are claiming that “Quds Day” on Friday will see a million people turn out to protest Israel, including in the Gaza Strip.

The Islamic Republic of Iran created Quds Day in 1979 to coincide with the last Friday of Ramadan as part of its anti-Israel policies. This year, annual events are planned in London and Toronto as well as in 800 cities worldwide, according to organizers. The Toronto Quds Day organizers say the day is for “justice, peace and love” to “counter Islamophobia” and “racism” while opposing “Zionism and Israeli war crimes.”

Iran’s regime media have even created a hashtag “QudsDay4return” this year. The hashtag has already become full of antisemitic tropes. One shows Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a snake devouring Argentina and another shows “biological evolution in Israel” as a cell becomes an ape and then an Israeli soldier. Ayatollah Khameini is also quoted as claiming, “Allah has ordained that Palestine will be liberated.”