Palestinians: “Burn the Jews!”

Palestinians: "Burn the Jews!"

by Bassam Tawil • June 7, 2018 at 5:00 am

There are two important factors that the international community needs to notice regarding the fire kites that the Palestinians are sending to Israel from the Gaza Strip. First: those who are launching the kites are making it clear that their ultimate goal is to kill as many Jews as possible and bring about the obliteration of Israel. Second: the Palestinians see all Jews living in Israel as "settlers. The Palestinians are now also telling us that the terror kites they are sending to Israel accord with what the Quran orders Muslims to do in the fight against the "infidels." They apparently see the flaming kites as part of the jihad (holy war) against the enemies of Allah and Islam. "We want to set fire to Israel so that the Jews will be burned or forced to leave their country." — Abu Al-Majd, terrorist.