Putin: Globalists Are Allowing Soros To Meddle In Elections

Putin: Globalists Are Allowing Soros To Meddle In Elections

June 9, 2018 Sean Adl-Tabatabai News, World 2

Vladimir Putin says George Soros is the world's biggest meddler in elections

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that George Soros is being allowed to interfere in elections worldwide, without any consequences.

In response to allegations that Russian businessmen are actively interfering in U.S. democracy, the Russian president says that what they are doing pales in comparison to what George Soros has gotten away with over the last few decades.

The US State Department would never admit to backing George Soros’s alleged attempts to “rock the euro,” yet Kremlin is being told to come clean on private internet companies meddling in politics, Vladimir Putin told Austrian TV.