Critical News Headlines — End of the Age

Critical News Headlines — End of the Age

1. The goal of denuclearization of North Korea may be already coming apart!

American spy satellites have photographed a missile site that North Korea stated she had already dismantled.

Be prepared for a seemingly endless back-and-forth period of charges and countercharges designed to weary even the most durable citizen.

Just as we predicted just weeks ago.

2. President Trump struck quickly yesterday to defuse this lying crusade that his administration was unusually cruel in its separation of children from parents at the border.

Despite the fact that this policy had been initiated by President Bush and continued by President Obama, Liberal propaganda masters had skillfully morphed the practice into a uniquely Trump issue.

But, there is more horror here: Liberal "NeverTrumpers" are using children as a weapon, just like the Palestinian terror group, Hamas, has been doing for many years.

3. Liberal Media is so constantly whipping up the non-discerning people over fake news issues, someone is going to get killed!

4. Why is CNN "news" given a personal tour of an Islamic Jihad (Palestinian) terror tunnel at the heavily contested Gaza Strip?