Critical News Headlines

Critical News Headlines

1. At long last, Democrat voters are said to be "leaving the Party in droves".

This tidal wave began with a single post to Facebook and YouTube by ONE young man, who is also black and a hairdresser in New York City who is gay, who explained why he is leaving the Liberal Democrats!

So far, over 5 million voters have responded favorably.

A popular young conservative commentator C.J. Pearson, also posted the video, ""The Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Party"

2. Mexico has just embraced Socialism/Communism in an election held yesterday.

The time has really come for President Trump to simply abolish all efforts to combine Mexico with the United States and Canada to abolish National Sovereignty by establishing NAFTA.

3. Prince William — he of the House of Windsor — announced that he was dedicated to bring about “Mideast peace”.

Since we believe that Antichrist may come from the British "House of Windsor", this statement catches our prophetic attention.

4. The United States may deploy Marines to our Embassy in Taiwan!

China would be really angry!

But, President Trump would be symbolically putting American military muscle behind Taiwan.

5. An Islamic slaughter of Christians in Nigeria is reaching crisis proportions.

One of Jesus’ prophetic Signs is that Christians would be persecuted in a mighty way at the End of the Age.

6. That airport tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch during the 2016 presidential campaign may reveal that Lynch actively intervened to prevent Hillary from being cited for felony offenses in the email scandal.