Critical News Headlines — End of the Age

Critical News Headlines — End of the Age

1. Even before the President publicizes his choice to fill Justice Kennedy’s seat, Liberals are over-reacting terribly, warning their followers of the most radical and unbelievable events.

Example: "Trump’s SCOTUS" pick will jail women for miscarriages or for still births.

Their unhinged rhetoric will complete their downfall as an opposition party!

2. The current Supreme Court just dealt the Democrat Party a heavy blow.

Democrats might have a problem raising sufficient funds for the 2018 Mid-Term Election.

3. When the Far-Left candidate beat the incumbent Democrat Joe Crowley, she did so by lying through her teeth!

4. The summit meeting between President Trump and Russia’s Putin is officially set on July 12.

Given the monstrous lie that Trump colluded with Russia in the 2016 election, what further lies might we expect once this Summit gets underway?