Critical News Headlines

Critical News Headlines

1. Venezuelan President Maduro has just survived a bungled assassination attempt carried out by drones armed with hand grenades — not efficient missiles, but C-4 Explosives.

Not surprisingly. the embattled Maduro used this amateurish attack as an excuse to crack down hard on opponents.

2. President Trump seems ready to go on the offensive in the matter of who colluded with the Russians, using massive truth instead of monumental lies!

The American people are going to learn the enormous extent of collusion by President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton, and others who just wanted to thrust forth a greedy hand.

And, the American people are going to be learning this dynamic truth just in time for the Mid-Term Elections!

3. The Netherlands’ voluntary euthanasia turned predictably, as an elderly patient was murdered without her consent!

In fact, she had to be held down by family members!