Critical News Headlines — End of the Age

Critical News Headlines — End of the Age

1. Since the Illuminati knows the Rapture is a ‘real deal’, what impact might the disappearance of tens of millions have on the Mid-Term elections?

2. Democrat Party has invited four groups of voters to leave: Genuine Christians and Catholics, Pro-Life voters, Jews, and Gun Owners (Second Amendment Supporters).

But, the real story might be loss of support within three groups the Democrats have long taken for granted: Blacks, Hispanics, Gays

3. Even as Hamas’ leaders are talking peace, their forces launch 200 missiles into the Gaza Strip.

President Trump must propose his ‘Deal of the Century’ peace plan quickly, before ‘Events on the Ground’ consume his plan with the fires of all-out war.

4. Democrat leaders have embraced the failed plan known as Socialism!

However, Socialism is still a proven poison, no matter how you slice it, dice it, and package it!

Another reason the Mid-Term Election is looking more Red Republican everyday!

5. Did Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein collude with China for 20 long years?

Did she set up a collusion system similar to that of Bill and Hillary Clinton, where Bill financially benefitted from Hillary’s status as a highly ranking government official?

6. Facebook is not only a global Leftist organization censoring Conservative content —

The Real horror is that Facebook is now demanding that banks give them financial records of Facebook members!