Sweden Democrats Party Calls For Ban On Circumcision

Sweden Democrats Party Calls For Ban On Circumcision

October 5, 2018 Niamh Harris News, World 1

A leader of the right-wing Sweden Democrats party (SDP) has submitted a draft motion calling for a ban on non medical circumcision of boys, which the text described as “backward” child abuse.

Richard Jomshof, Sweden Democrats Secretary, put forward the non-binding motion, entitled “Prohibition of non-medical circumcision,” calling for parliament to act on a procedure that the SDP considers “regular abuse of the individual child as well as an infringement of the child’s integrity and self-determination.”

A vote on the motion has not yet been scheduled.

RT reports: If the motion is approved, the ban would mean that circumcisions could no longer be carried out for religious reasons. Jews perform the procedure on 8-day-old babies, while those of the Muslim faith perform the cut later in childhood.